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Saugus Community Blog on LiveJournal

LiveJournal's Blog for the Town of Saugus, Massachusetts

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Saugus, Massachusetts

The Town of Saugus is located in Essex County in eastern Massachusetts, nine miles from Boston. It is bordered by Lynnfield on the north, Lynn on the east, Revere on the south, Malden on the southwest, and Wakefield and Melrose on the west.

The Saugus River forms part of the southeast border, while the Pines River forms the southern border. Both rivers join in an opening to the Atlantic Ocean.

The land is a combination of rough ledges, stony soil and level fields with several brooks flowing into ponds and the Saugus River. The southeastern section is dominated by Rumney Marsh, a salt water marsh. The town has a tidal shore line of 10.4 miles.

Much more information about Saugus can be found offsite. Check out these links:

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