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Saugus Halloween Writing Contest Deadline Nigh

As has already been noted in one or two places, the deadline for the Ninth Annual Halloween Ghost Story Writing Contest is nearly upon us.

It's hard to believe that it's been a year already. I've been busy on numerous projects ranging from the book Of Time and the River (the sequel to A Gathering of Memories) to the Newton book reader for Firefox.

One of these other projects, Of Time and the River, is particularly pertinent to the annual Ghost Story Contest because one of the judges went public and wrote an article about the contest in the book. I won't say anything more right now... another time I'll devote an entire entry to this new Saugus book and perhaps comment a bit more about this article. For now, hunt down your own copy before they're sold out! Fewer copies of Time were printed than were printed of A Gathering, and the second printing of the latter has long been sold out. It's a reasonable price for a hardcover book, and all proceeds go to a scholarship fund for Saugus High School students.

I've seen some discussion about the Saugus teachers on the Saugus political forum lately, and it brings us back to the Ghost Story Contest. Personally I've always used the contest to get a rough feel for how motivated our kids are in school -- more entries mean more motivation. This year (so far, and there is still a little time before the deadline) we have more school-aged entries from Revere than Saugus; it'll be interesting to see if the numbers hold through the deadline Thursday. Some teachers in Saugus really get involved, but most don't.

Regardless of the outcomes this is always a fun (but extremely busy) time of year for me. I'm keeping up with the e-mailed responses for stories that we've received, but I'm falling more behind on the story processing (removing author's names and making copies for the judges). I've not yet had the time to read any; as per usual though I'll read them all after the deadline has passed.

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