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Time and the River

Do you have any interesting stories or photographs related to Saugus? The call has been made for content to be submitted for a new book about Saugus. It's being made by the same team (myself included) that created the original A Gathering of Memories: Saugus 1900-2000 and will be fairly similar in concept. As with the earlier book, proceeds will go to a scholarship fund.

The deadline for new submissions is just a couple of weeks away. While we'll read over anything we receive in that time period and possibly include it in the final book, we're particularly looking for content related to topics that were not well covered in the first book. We'd especially like stuff related to (in no particular order):

  • The Saugus lobstering industry.

  • Parks and playgrounds, especially some of the smaller neighborhood parks.

  • Any clubs and non-profit organizations not covered in A Gathering.

  • Saugus-specific products. (Anyone remember Alwinol?)

  • Random curious events like the time a helicopter had a forced landing behind Child World, or the time the military was blasting the Golden Hills underbrush with flamethrowers, or whatever.

Again, anything received in the next couple of weeks will be considered, but time is of the essence. The plan is to get the book out early enough for holiday shopping, and once the stories have been selected there's still a long process of layout, image processing, editing, proofing, printing, assembling, and finally delivered for local distribution. The first two steps are my tasks (through Saugus.net). The next two steps will be performed by a team headed by John Burns and Tom Sheehan. The next two steps will be handled by the Jostens company. I don't know yet who'll be doing the shipping.

Any stories that arrive too late simply can't be considered (regardless of how good they are) and this will probably be the final book project undertaken by this team. A Gathering sold out two printings and is now being considered for a possible CD release; it is expected that this book will also be pretty well received. If you'd like to see your words in print in a hardcover book that'll be read for generations, you have just a short time to get them organized.

P.S. if you haven't figured it out from the title of this article, the current planned title of the new book is Time and the River (not to be confused with Time and the Rani).

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